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Support meetings

"A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are for."   
—John A. Shedd

You're not alone

Social events and other activities provide Gay Fathers Association of Seattle (GFAS) members and non-member friends alike many opportunities to enjoy the company of other members and their friends in a safe, non-judgmental environment and promote networking with others in the larger community. While these events are primarily for men, some are planned specifically to include families. They take place in various locations in and around Seattle and are always very informal, complementing the more structured and focused support group meetings.

GFAS Potluck
These are light hearted potluck gatherings held on the last Saturday of each month in a member’s home.

Support Group Social Hour
Following each GFAS support group meeting, there is a social hour at a local gay bar or restaurant selected by that meetings attendees. This provides an opportunity for men attending a meeting to continue conversations afterwards in a casual, friendly environment.

Pre-Support Meeting Dinner
It's a good time to make friends, relish food and get the less-than-formal thoughts flowing. Held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, generally we meet up at 6pm. Within a few blocks of our regularly scheduled meeting. Please contact us for the specific restaurant venue info. All are welcome... bring your friends and partners.

Making friends
There is almost universal agreement among GFAS members and support group meeting attendees that attending GFAS meetings and social events has resulted in their making new friends. The combination of the support meetings and the social activities allows men to meet in a safe environment. Meeting with others in a safe environment and finding others who have similar backgrounds helps to foster the development of friendships.

Pride is an annual community event that happens in June in Seattle. GFAS has regularly participated in the Pride parade. Members who are comfortable being in public will sometimes march as a group; in recent years GFAS members have created award-winning parade floats and GFAS has been designated the organizational Grand Master of the parade.


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